Real life stories

Deighton Carnival

Getting together has never been more important. I’ve known Howard Belafonte for many years now, and what he doesn’t know about running a community carnival, just isn’t worth knowing! Read on to find out how this vibrant community event started, and continues to go from strength to strength.   Tell us a bit more about…

Real life stories

Give…  a few words

Part of the joy of working for myself, is that I get to speak to motivated, and inspirational people.  I sat down with Sharron Wilkinson, the Founder of Give…a few words, and she shared with me where the inspiration comes from, what keeps her motivated and the magic of the written word!      …

Real life stories

A chat with Rachel is always inspiring!

A Mum of two, who then welcomed twins during Lockdown 1, set up a support group for parents during Lockdown 2, and successfully converted this into a Community Interest Company in Lockdown 3! As Rachel juggled her hungry toddler twins, supervised her other two children and prepared a meal, somehow she also managed to log…

Real life stories

White Rose Rhythmics Gymnastics Club

  White Rose Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is based at Northfield Hall in Huddersfield. For ‘us locals’, that’s usually referred to as ‘up by the big ASDA’; but for those further afield, Northfield Hall is a community centre in the North of Huddersfield, not far from Brighouse, with easy access to the M62. It’s a small,…

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