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What clients say?


"Thanks so much to you both for yesterday’s session. The logical way the Theory of Change was set out was so helpful and I’m definitely going to use it to shape future applications, both in the day job and when helping my son’s school with their fundraising. Going through the two worked examples together made it all so much easier to understand! It was a really friendly group of people too.

Honestly, it’s really useful, practical stuff you are doing, and straightforward; like your business name suggests! I really appreciate it when someone gets to the point, explains it well, and shows how to apply something practically. "
Business Development, Sponsorship & Grants Manager
National Coal Mining Museum
"Very tuned in – Lisa is grounded and can work between the strategic and operational ends of business and has a wealth of community and project development experience as well as business needs planning.

Very generous – Lisa will willingly share her skills and knowledge to help empower and build confidence in others – she also provides generous leadership in the communities she works – brings people with her – seeks commitment not compliance which is refreshing."
Kirklees Council

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