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Why you should never be afraid to contact a potential grant funding organisation for help!

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Firstly, let me just say that I don’t mean you should just pick up the phone and pester a potential grant funder with lots of random questions on the spur of the moment! But if you have carefully read the guidance materials on the website, you have looked at a few examples of projects that have been previously funded, and you have read the Frequently Asked Questions, and still have a few genuine enquiries, then by all means, if a telephone number is provided, give them a call, or drop them an email. I would suggest writing down two or three key things that

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School Funding – Where do I start?

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There are dozens, and dozens of grants that your school could apply for. Yes, it can matter a little bit what type of school you are (Primary, Secondary, State Funded, Private, Academy etc) and the type of area you are based in can have an influence; but essentially it’s just a case of finding an organisation that wants to fund the things that you want to do. So where to start… Reflect a little on your school development plan and work out what your real priorities are. I would say it is a pretty safe bet that reading, writing and numeracy are probably high up your list these

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