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Just in my own town alone, there are hundreds of sports clubs, charities, social enterprises and schools being driven forward by teams of dedicated people (and sometimes by individuals). People who go the extra mile, who give up massive amounts of time to make a difference. I bet most of them don’t think twice about doing that – whether its to run a sports club, a social enterprise, a food bank or whatever. They do it because they are passionate about what they do and what they want to achieve – and the difference it makes to people’s lives.

What makes these diverse organisations so great, are the people that drive them forwards.

People just like you.

It doesn’t matter if they are paid staff or volunteers, young or old, experienced, skilled or completely new to ‘the game’. What always shows through is their passion, their drive, their desire to make things better, to improve and to make a real impact upon the people that they in turn work with.

I’ve worked in and around communities for years, and I love every minute of it. (Even the tough, frustrating and simply hard work bits). I’ve been privileged enough (and still am) to work with many sports clubs, both amateur and professional; with charities, community groups, and schools.

I have worked in my professional Public Sector, and my Governing Body of Sport roles; I have enjoyed volunteering for community organisations, and more recently, I have worked on a freelance basis – giving me an exciting opportunity to fine tune my tried and tested approaches, and my experience of community and project development to bring in even more grant funding investment.

Although breaking away from my safe, salaried environment gave me more freedom to support a wider range of people – it still didn’t give me the capacity to work with all those people that were asking for help. Particularly those small, grass roots organisations that had little, if any funding in place. Knowing that I had the knowledge, the skills and the ability to make a difference to these groups (and thus their communities), but not having the capacity to do so was very frustrating.

And finally, I created “Straight Forward Funding – The Membership”.

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My Values

Approachable and supportive but most importantly realistic

Do you know how hard it is to write about yourself – to put into words why you think people value what you do, and convince people why they should work with you?

I can tell you – I find it really, really, really, hard!

Perhaps it is how we were brought up, to be modest, to not stand out, to not be the one putting your hand up and answering the questions all the time!

Perhaps it feels ‘big headed’.

Well, to be honest, I chickened out completely. I decided to write to my clients and asked them to do it for me. (And then I sat cringing waiting for their replies!)

But actually, in the end, it was a very powerful exercise. And it is an exercise I would recommend that you do too.

Ask your members, your service users, your customers. What is it about what you (or your organisation) do that they value. Why do they choose to use you/work with you, instead of the many other options available to them?

Because this will give you some real hard evidence for your future vision – and your future funding applications. (See, you haven’t even signed up yet and I’m giving you some tips!)

What surprised me even more, is that many of my clients expressed just how much they enjoyed doing this favour.

So, in their own words – this is what they said:

To be honest, this exercise made me cry. It made me cry, because what these people were telling me – is exactly what I have set out to be. Let me share my vision with you.

The last thing I ever wanted to do was become that ‘corporate bid writer’.

I wanted to use my understanding of the challenges, barriers & limitations facing small & local organisations and help them

I want to be

Approachable & personable,
helpful, friendly &

I aim to be

Understanding and patient that individuals and orgs don't always understand the funding landscape

I am

Willing to go the extra mile &
take time to understand
the client

I definitely want to be

A real person not a corporation

This is vital to me

Trustworthy and integrity

And the reason I called my business Straight Forward Funding is because I think it makes life easier if we all

Speak in plain English not jargon

So that's me, Lisa

Now its time for you to put your faith in me, and let me help you take that step forwards. Sign up to The Membership and let me help you, to take the stress out of grant funding so that you have more time to do what you do best.

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