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Simple solutions delivered in bite-sized chunks to improve skills, confidence, enthusiasm and motivation

Did you know I deliver a comprehensive and very popular programme of CPD workshops and training? All specifically designed to help people feel more confident, more skilled and more enthusiastic about applying for grant funding!

These sessions aren’t just about learning, they are dedicated time to create action plans, explore ideas, unpick problems and quite simply – get stuff done!

You can choose from any of the following workshops:

I’m always up for a challenge so if you need workshops that are more bespoke to the needs of your organisation – just get in touch!

Each workshop is accompanied by an electronic resource pack and are delivered via Zoom, and if you need me to, I can manage the whole booking process, and provide you with marketing copy to help you promote the events and sessions. When it’s appropriate, I can even include in my newsletters, which go out across the UK, and of course I’ll share on my social media if you want me to!


Just email me at to have an informal chat.


I put my heart and soul into delivering these sessions, and I’m always pleased to hear about the longer term impact. Take a look at this case study  – a group of schools who were awarded £30,000 to deliver an Early Years Music project to support speech and language development – and accredited it back to the learning that took place during previous sessions.

I’ve previously delivered sessions for

Take a look at the feedback!

What can you expect?


What participants say?

"Thank you very much again and thanks to Cat too for the clarity of the presentation ( your timing is really impressive !!) I feel like a flounderer and the visuals are very useful."
"Lisa, these sessions have been SO useful. Thank you"
"Thank you, very helpful, now I just need to sit down and find the time to apply. The thought is probably worse than the reality and now I have the tools to do it."
"Extremely helpful to me, I am used to writing business plans etc so not scared of doing it, however specific information like this is invaluable, so thank you."
"Thank you, once again a really interesting session- hugely helpful."
"These three sessions have been absolutely brilliant, Lisa. Pure gold! I have learned SO much."
"Thank you very much Lisa, really useful stuff and kept good and lively"

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